January 31, 2023

How To Stop a Wildfire

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Dr. Charles Kay shared a photo recently with a few people. The photo, shown below, shows how a recent wildfire destroyed an older forest while avoiding completely regrowth from previous clear cuts. Dr. Kay writes: “…please look carefully at the attached photo, which I took last June 24th in western Wyoming, from the road up La Barge Creek. The center part of the hillside south of La Barge Creek was clear-cut sometime during the early 1980’s…and then the cut replanted or naturally reseeded, only to be over-run by a high-intensity wildfire towards the end of June 2012….As you can clearly see, all the uncut forest was incinerated, while the regenerating forest in the clear-cut was barely touched!…The sign in the foreground is for a tributary to La Barge Creek just off the image on the right…There are a number of clear-cuts along this ridge and all show the same pattern…FYI, the fire jumped La Barge Creek and burned out Snyder Basin to the north…Charles”