February 2, 2023

Most Animals Know to Avoid GMO Corn

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Yesterday I received an email that was shared by friends. The email originated from a rancher supposedly with a large herd of cattle. He was explaining some of the things he had discovered about GMO (genetically modified organism) and “conventional” corn, as well as some stories told to him by friends and business associates. Here’s a few highlights of that email.

1. the Amish farmer was in disbelief when he switched to GMO corn after the second day the goats would not go into the milk parlor if the GMO corn was present.

2. recorded a 5 Lbs loss per cow a couple different times. Twice he used the same hybrid corn only one was Roundup. When he switched silage bags to the roundup corn, he lost milk.

3. said their herd was healthier with conventional corn.

4. Squirrels have been known to eat all the kernels off the conventional ears before they touch any of GMO corn. The squirrels have not read anyone’s research and have no reason to lie to us.

5. planted GMO corn on the borders of his fields to avoid neighbors drifting roundup on him. He found that the beavers went through the roundup headlands to harvest the conventional corn.

6. switch to conventional corn in their operation. After making the switch their sows went from a 23 to 28 piglets per year.