February 6, 2023

Former Maine Wildlife Commissioner Turned Politician Sits on Wildlife Committee

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Most Mainers involved in outdoor issues probably have already heard that former Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife (MDIFW) commissioner, Roland “Danny” Martin is now a member of the Maine Legislature’s Joint Committee on Inland Fisheries and Wildlife. George Smith has more details about other members appointed to the new term’s committee.

So, one has to ask, is a former MDIFW commissioner, now sitting on the Joint Committee, a good thing or a bad thing? I’m sure opinions will vary as with most outdoor matters. However, thanks to my research specialist, who has uncovered some archived editorials from the Northwoods Sporting Journal about Danny Martin, we can look back to at least one comment made about Martin as he was readying his departure from MDIFW.

Back in a February, 2011 issue of the Northwoods Sporting Journal, page 10, editor V. Paul Reynolds writes: “Where he [Danny Martin] fell short was his inability or unwillingness to put sportsmen above politics. If a commissioner of fish and wildlife won’t stand up for sportsmen on tough issues, who will?”

If that is true, and if you are one who agrees with that assessment then there is probably little need for any optimism that Martin will stand up for sportsmen or separate sportsmen issues from politics now that he is a politician and not a commissioner.

Time will certainly tell what kind of member to the Joint Committee Martin will become. Not intending to insult Mr. Martin, but I would much prefer Danny Martin sitting on the committee than another member of Maine Audubon or the Environmental Protection Department, etc…..I think.