January 26, 2023

New Website Feature

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Dear Readers:

I guess that being that it is a new year, according to the calendar anyway, it must be time to make changes to my website. Of course my intent is to always make improvements and I always welcome readers’ feedback.

I decided to shorten up the displayed archive of “Open Threads” and add a new section under it called “Distractions.” Submissions to the this column may appear as simple news articles. However, when I, as editor, determine that certain news items are intended deliberately as nothing more than a distraction away from the truth, I will post it here instead of in the “Politics” section… or both.

And, as always, I encourage readers to send me items they might find that they believe would fit here and in other categories. I review all suggestions and pick those I think work the best.

Thanks and I hope you enjoy finding interesting subject matter here.