January 29, 2023

Politics Trumping Science

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upsidebackwardsAn opinion piece in the New York Times, is nothing more than what Jim Beers would call, “bureaucratic interests, emotions and propaganda fantasies.”

In that emotional fantasy about wolves and what the author claims will be utter destruction of the animal, is this reference: “politics trumping science.” Consider those three words for a moment. To claim that wolves should or shouldn’t be removed from the protection of the Endangered Species Act because “politics trumps science,” is akin to saying ignorance trumps stupidity or stealing trumps lying.

Politics is as crooked as anything crooked can get. Even in an American society where lying is an acceptable ends justifies means and the overall moral fiber is all but completely missing, people still view politics and the lying, poor excuse for humanity, crooks that practice their evil craft, terrible. What does that really say about them.

Science has also been bastardized, criminalized and politicized. This is extremely unfortunate in a free society because without honest scientific process, there is little left in which humans can find explanations; or at least find some sense of grounding in reality. But that doesn’t stop the worship.

When anyone pulls out the “politics trumps science” dishonesty card, what they are really saying is I’m losing my agenda. It means that those politicians (bureaucratic interests), whom I don’t like (in this case the republicans) are doing something that ruins my preferred, post-normal Scientismism (propaganda fantasies) and are sending me into an emotional whirlwind of sentimental irrationality about a vision of wolf extirpation at the hands of that lamb with two horns that speaks like a dragon.

Politics trumping Science? Mind over matter – the world is mindless and still it doesn’t matter.