December 11, 2023

American Free Man: “Unarmed, Frightened, Policed and Browbeaten Cipher”

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I suppose many people dislike Richard Fernandez mostly because he dares venture into the truths of the metamorphosis of the American human from a moral “free man” to what he describes in a recent article as, “unarmed, frightened, policed and browbeaten cipher.”

Maybe we can catch a glimpse of this in the run up to a snow storm that is to hit the northeast part of the country. If history, as presented, resembles any kind of truth, snow storms have been hitting parts of the U.S. since the beginning of time. The American natives, many living in make-shift tents, survived those snowstorms and yet to listen to the people carry on, in this high technological word of “easy living”, one might think the end of the world was nigh and inevitable.

Fernandez writes:

Kevin Williamson in the National Review argued we are now witnessing the abolition of private life. Citing the black brunch protesters who are determined to invade spaces where behavior they don’t approve of may be going on, Williamson says “the message these protests send is that there is no private space — and, therefore, no private life — so far as this particular rabble is concerned.”

But Williamson stops short of giving that rabble its true name. The leftist mobs perform the function which in a strict Islamic society would be fulfilled by the mutaween or religious police. That’s exactly what they are and there are ever more of them each day.

The mutaween circulate among us endlessly, looking at the third page of the paper you’re perusing, checking the spread of your legs as you ride the subway, parsing your words for forbidden phrases, investigating suspicious Greek fraternities, ensuring the requisite Wellness, retaining all the data passing through your ISP to be sure you have had no impure thoughts recently, even as they remind you that “yes means no” — all the while denying that there is an ultimate meaning to anything. Why all this busyness? Well that’s the irony. They don’t even know why.

Well, just because.

The “mutaween” extends even deeper into American society. It is virtually present in every aspect of our lives…even within our chosen “religious” groupings so many love to follow. The Catholic Church, for example, in their anti Biblical confessions before the priest, teaches children from a very young age to confess (rat out and squeal on) anyone and about everything. And for what purpose? The mutaween.

The wolf Nazis says that we must live with disease-ridden, killing wolves…period. The wolf police settle for nothing less. The mutaween of the environmental underworld basically says the same thing in regard to the protection of their world. It is unending. We are forced into submission by a worldly power that leads toward slavery…and slavery of the very worst kind.

While for some it may be not such a difficult task to recognize the changing of human spots but for most they care not or don’t have the ability to ask why. Fernandez asks, “Why all this busyness?” And answers his own question with “just because”.

I suppose “just because” but musn’t we search deeper into what constructed the foundation that created “just because”?

We should consider that it is God-given freedom that made us the people we were, that provided for differing opinions about such things as wildlife and the environment, to name a couple, that established the freedom of choice, and that with the implementation of that freedom we are destroying the very freedoms we once enjoyed. How insane is that? How blinded must people be that cannot see this?

What and/or who makes the people blind?

Those forcing fake religious beliefs, saving the planet, global warming, protecting wilderness and wild things above human existence, didn’t come by their need to be “True Believers” by magic. It has been taught. Brainwashed with so many false fears, we fail to see that we pursue lies that lead to our own destruction. It doesn’t get any worse.

We are a nation of totalitarian, socialist sissies, scared of our own shadows, scared even to defend oneself, unable to act or react out of fear of government/police bullying and browbeaten (brainwashed and mind controlled) we are unable to think or form thoughts of reason.

Not so much “just because” but just because some people understand how easily the human mind can be controlled, has taken advantage of that for sinister reasons.

It is my hope that people will not enjoy their slavery so much and begin to speak out against it but more importantly understand where it came from and why.

Not just because.