January 27, 2023

Coyotes Take Down and Kill Horse

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“A group of five to six coyotes entered the paddock area and attacked the horse while it was eating. The horse was brought to the ground during the attack.”<<<Read More>>>

In the comments section of this article, a person identifying themselves as Jim Schmidt, a retired Federal coyote hunter, says: “The experienced ones that will train others do need to be removed. All of the coyotes involved in the horse attack need to be removed so they will not do it again or train others to do it. Please do not listen to inexperience “so called or self appointed experts” in this case. They clearly do not know what they are talking about anyway. Coyotes will kill and eat your pets, big or small, they will eat your apples, your vegetables, birds, mice, rabbits, your deer fawns, quail, ducks, and will bite your children and grand children. Do not wait for this to happen; do something about it! Coyotes are a dangerous predator that should not be taken lightly! Guard property, pets, and livestock and protect your children and grand children! Jim Schmidt