January 27, 2023

It Should Be Difficult Work to Get a Citizen’s Initiative on a Ballot

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And it should be even more difficult for the crooked lawmakers to make laws that have, for the most part, done nothing to make the country a better place. In fact, their work has made it worse. And the vast majority of citizen’s initiatives are nothing more than pitiful attempts by special interest groups to force their preferred lifestyles onto others. ALL LAWMAKING SHOULD BE MADE EXTREMELY DIFFICULT!

A bill proposal in Maine would “close a loophole,” if that is the best way to describe it, that would prevent or limit out-of-state interests forcing their political agendas into referendum votes to change laws in a state they have no stake in. Those opposing the new bill say it would only serve to make it that much more difficult to get an initiative placed on a ballot. That should be considered a good thing when you think about the deep sheep dip states and this country have gotten themselves into by crafting and passing so many laws, there is no such thing as freedom left in a country once referred to as Land of the Free.

David Trahan, executive director for the Sportsman’s Alliance of Maine, describes the amendment being proposed as, “will end this abuse by further defining solicitor of signatures and require ballot initiative coordinators to report all those paid to collect and assist with petitions.”

The opposition says, “The more bureaucratic roadblocks they throw up, the more expensive the process gets and the more it gets limited to special interests.”

Every law reduces the freedom and rights of individuals. Because the world is filled with evil we have come to believe that writing laws will stop that. It doesn’t. Evil persists and it has no preference of sides.