January 31, 2023

History: Killing Wolves in Oregon Was Not All About Uniting Settlers

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Below is a teaser and link to an article about the history of wolves in Oregon. Whether you buy into the interpretation of using wolves to “unite the settlers” is your business. The take away from all of this, unfortunately is not mentioned and, of course, never will be – humans and large predators will never coexist in some existential Utopia. The radical wolf and large predator worshipers fear not to state that humans should die in order that wolves may live. It’s difficult to deal with such insanity.

Humans have the right to live in peace, to be fruitful and multiply. That was God’s order. Our responsibility is to find a tolerable point in which man and animals can share space, but never at the expense of humans…NEVER!

“The purpose of the meetings [Wolf Meetings], Gray would later write, was to “get an object before the people upon which all could unite” (killing wolves) and use that unity to sow the seeds of civil government.”<<<Read More>>>