January 31, 2023

Election Season: Time to Become a Different Person

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As nauseating as it is, another election season has begun. Must it always be a continuous bombardment of lying, cheating, thieving, disgusting politicians telling us stuff that just isn’t even real? I’m not sure which is more disgusting – the lying idiots who want to be king at your life’s expense or the idiots who believe the filth they are being told.

This morning, as the morning dose of necessary lies was being foisted onto the drunken viewer audience (drunken in their own lust for mind controlled, non thinking games played with words of untruth) I heard repeated several times, by different people about different people how some political hopeful needs to create him or herself somewhere along the fake continuum, the fake division of right and left, if they have any hope of being elected. And we, the listener, unquestioningly agree or don’t know the difference.

If a candidate were to ever speak Truth, he would be called a liar. When a candidate deliberately lies and the media says he must do that to get elected, he then is telling the truth? And we blindly follow it?

Excuse me while I go puke.