February 5, 2023

New Hampshire Thinks About Ending Moose Hunts

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As with any game specie that reaches population levels, backed by scientific research, that call for the limitation or end of hunting, it should be done for obvious and not so obvious reasons. What is utterly sickening, non scientific and fraudulent, among other things, is to end a hunt, as is being suggested in New Hampshire, and to blame the reduction of moose on global warming.

According to Field and Stream:

Biologists are concerned that warmer winters and hotter summers have lead to an increase in parasites that are drastically affecting moose across the state.

Few will argue that the moose population in New Hampshire has decreased. To place the blame on global warming and its effects on parasites, including the winter tick, is just plain lazy dishonesty. As more and more scientists are finally admitting, the theories and the fraudulent “settled science” of global warming, mostly promoted by Al Gore, can not be backed by any real scientific research, people should be demanding that states, such as New Hampshire, stop using global warming as an excuse for incompetent wildlife management.

Computer modeling has become the new-science, post-normal science way of managing wildlife. Computer modeling might present interesting results, especially when they are designed and used for outcome-based results, the realities are that the results are worthless nonsense.

In the meantime, wildlife populations, like the moose, are suffering from fluctuations and the only excuse officials choose to use to hide their own incompetence is blame it on global warming.

Winter ticks, for example, have been around for a long time and are persistent from Texas to the Yukon. The theory that some are floating is that due to a warmer climate the tick is moving further north. How much further north can you go than the Yukon?

The fish and game departments are responsible for wildlife management. It’s time the fraud of global warming is taken out of the excuse bag and real science is implemented in order to honestly assess the problems at hand.

If, in fact, it is climate change, also known as normal climate cycles, that is the cause for moose reductions, then let’s discover it with honest scientific approach and not rely on some fake computer modeling derived from outcome-based “scientist” designed for the purpose of human control and tax fraud.