January 27, 2023

It’s The Damned Pot Plants Causing the Drought! Who’d a Thunk it?

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*Editor’s Note* The biggest reason I decided to post a teaser to this article is because it epitomizes the work of the Media. It robotically repeats all the things that it has been programmed to repeat, i.e. “terrible drought,” “Like..everything else,” “liberals are blaming,” “conservatives…blame,” “liberal environmentalists,” “political point scoring,” “natural processes,” “humans…have little to do with.”

“California’s terrible drought has become — like just about everything else in the United States — a political issue. Many liberals have taken to blaming anthropogenic climate change for the drought, while some conservatives have placed the blame at the feet of “liberal environmentalists.” The political point-scoring is tiring and just plain silly, given that the drought is almost certainly a result of natural processes — processes that we humans, conservatives and liberals alike, have precious little to do with. Another problem is that our partisan pugilists are conflating two separate issues: the drought, which is the lack of rainfall that California has suffered over the past four years, and the water shortages, which may indeed have some man-made causes.

To that end, a San Francisco-based author with a PhD in Nutritional Ethnomedicine floated an interesting theory regarding those water shortages earlier this week. Speaking on the radio, he suggested that California’s huge crop of marijuana plants is “depleting the water table,” and is partially responsible for the massive shortfalls in water that the state is now facing.”<<<Read More>>>