June 3, 2023

Does the CEO of Defenders of Wildlife have a Desk in Your Office?

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*Note* The following information comes to me from North Carolina Hunt and Fish.

Director Ashe and Secretary Jewell,

Does the CEO of Defenders of Wildlife have a desk in your office? She probably does not, at least I hope not. But did you know the Executive Director of the Red Wolf Coalition had a desk in your USWFS Office in Columbia, NC?

Yep, you read that correctly. A desk in the USFWS office while the Red Wolf Coalition was suing the NC Wildlife Resources Commissioners individually for supposedly violating the ESA as our Commissioners fought to protect our State’s wildlife and NC private landowner rights. This obviously explains why USFWS refused to appear in court on behalf of our Commissioners.

As it turns out, we all now know who has actually been violating the ESA … USFWS.

Did you know that your USFWS Red Wolf Coordinator held a position on the Red Wolf Coalition Board of Directors? Neither of you sit on the Defenders of Wildlife Board of Directors do you? Of course not, that would certainly be a professional conflict of interest.

Did you know the Red Wolf Coalition was actively paying trappers for wolves and/or coyotes in NC? The purchase of wildlife in our State is illegal and is thus a violation of the Lacey Act. The purchase of endangered species is, as you know, absolutely illegal also. Here are the Red Wolf Coalition tax returns showing these payments with your USFWS Red Wolf Coordinator shown as a Board member.



It is hard to imagine how things can get so corrupted in one little USFWS Field office. Until you realize your USFWS Red Wolf Coordinator decided he could run this multimillion dollar scandal remotely and moved from eastern NC back to his hometown in the western part of our State – near Charlotte, N.C. Yes, that is correct, hence the name “a field office with no adult supervision”.

It is pretty interesting all that I found out one cold February morning in 2014 as I, the private landowner, worked to help save a red wolf that was in danger of dying from hypothermia isn’t it?

Director Ashe, you really should take the time to meet with me. I have so much more to share and will do so one way or the other. I do not mean this maliciously, but I very likely know way more about your “red wolf” program than you do.

Here is a recording of your former “remote” USFWS Red Wolf Coordinator. Listen carefully because he will only be “checking his voice mail on occasion”.

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