July 3, 2022

The False Charge Bear Attack: He “Looked Big” and “Roared”

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In a Swedish Online news website, a terrible article attempts to present a supposed bear attack as being thwarted because a man “roared” like a bear and “made himself look big.” If you believe the article and then watch the video and still believe making noise and looking big will cancel all those “extremely rare” bear attacks, you’re a fool.

Not that you shouldn’t attempt the feat of making lots of noise and somehow making yourself look big, it is not what people are being led to believe it is. When death is knocking at the front door and you don’t want to answer it, try anything.

In the video, it’s a semi-staged event. First of all, it was caught on video. The fake “attack” was not a surprise at all. The bear was spotted in the woods and the movie camera began to run. Looks to me like they even teased the bear to get it to come out of the trees to be better filmed. The bear made, what is often referred to as a “false charge.” A false charge is when a predator goes through the action of attempting to attack to test the reactions of the intended prey. Predators learn how to attack by testing to know what the prey species will do.

I have serious doubts that the man who saved the world by putting up his arms and screaming did that out of learned instinct. I believe it was mostly staged, that is why it was filmed.

Here’s something to think about. Many times bear attacks happen when a person is along. I wonder how many of those bear attacks that ended in death of the human, happened BECAUSE the person made noise and tried to look bigger. We never know because they are dead.