August 13, 2022

What if Quimby and St. Clair Understood Their Screw Up

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*Editor’s Comment* – Roxanne Quimby took advantage of a semi-capitalist opportunity to make money. But she espouses to communism/socialism – Period. This makes little sense, unless you understand the real intent here. She bought lots of land – congratulations and good for her. Within our over-regulated world of fascism, she is entitle to do with her land as she so pleases – even locking it up so others can’t use it. However, you can’t expect to treat Maine people in the fashion she has and then turn around and ask the same people to jump on her totalitarian band wagon and support a limited use national park structured under the current growing fascist government.

Maine people are a unique clutch of independents with very long memories. Any group of people that would elect Ross Perot as their candidate for president of the United States has to be looked at as, if nothing else, unpredictable.

I am assuming that the biggest reason Ms. Quimby placed her son in the forefront is because she became toxic. Problem is, that toxicity has not dissipated. The independence of the Maine people and their desire to keep fascist government out of their state, combined with memories like elephants as to how Quimby treated them from the onset, is a very large hurdle, of which I’m not sure she can ever get over – at least not for a very long time.

I asked yesterday why it seemed so important that Quimby and St. Clair force an unwanted park onto the Maine people. Is she that big an egoist that she wants her name attached to a national park? Perhaps, I don’t know the woman.

If Quimby and St. Clair, along with their minions, believe that the park would be such a wonderful thing, that would bring jobs and whatever else one can trump up as a positive, then why doesn’t the woman create a private enterprise park? If it’s such a value to her, her son and the people of Maine, then surely her vision of a park would work just fine – wouldn’t it? Quimby claims she has money in trust to pay for the park. Is that money no good unless it’s a government park? If so, then just where, exactly, is this money coming from? China?

Nobody can tell me that a national park, run by a corrupt and inept government, that has proven itself incapable to caring for the parks and land they administer now, would do a Quimby park any good and thus nothing good for the State of Maine and her people.

It’s probably too late now, but as is suggested in this linked-to article, if Quimby had started off right, which would have been having a firm understanding of the people she would be dealing with, then perhaps a coalition of leaders, whose goal would be in the best interest of the local people and not a continuation of making poor slaves to government control, the region around Baxter might have a sweeter outlook for the future and a willingness to work with and not against the woman.

Source: What if Quimby and St. Clair worked with locals on a comprehensive economic plan for the Millinocket region? | Mainely Thoughts