January 29, 2023

Pennsylvania hunters still thinking about coyotes in the summer

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*Editor’s Note* – Here is an example of how deeply ingrained the brainwashing about predators has consumed this country – even outdoor writers. I will not take the time to address the suggestions about what we should do to help the whitetail deer herd but only to say that the author, like all good environmentalists who know nothing about predator control and especially history, echos the claim that coyotes have this uncanny ability to produce more offspring when numbers are reduced, claiming studies prove this. In fact, studies don’t prove this. If you sort out the repeated nonsense within outcome-based studies, we can find one report that suggests it might be a possibility. But that is a minor point in the grand scheme of things.

Like with ongoing game management programs, so too must predator control be ongoing and integrated into individual game management programs. This has become a necessary tool due to the ongoing efforts of environmentalists’ protection of predators. Effective predator control works and is proven to be very effective when implemented as a continuous program.

Factual instances have shown that spending a lot of time and money improving habitat does nothing to improve the sustainability of whitetail deer when predators are the leading cause of mortality. This would be akin to building new homes in areas where there are no people, without first addressing the issue of why people do not want to move to that area.

Historically, like all good environmentalists, they blame the hunters and trappers for killing off all the wolves and coyotes in this country and yet, when hunters and trappers take to the woods to kill unwanted predators, the same environmentalists claim that hunting and trapping coyotes only causes them to have more offspring.

It cannot be had both ways.

Source: Pennsylvania hunters still thinking about coyotes in the summer – Outdoor News – June 2015