May 27, 2023

Finding: Eight of Ten WORST Deer Hunting States in Northeast

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Lawrence Pyne has written an article in the Burlington Free Press about the latest “finding” by Wide Open Spaces (WOS) that ranks Vermont the third worst state to deer hunt. WOS also places eight of the top ten worst hunting states as being in the Northeast. According to Pyne’s report, it appears those determining what makes for bad hunting don’t like cold weather, a lot of hunters and want to see deer by the gobs like: “sitting in a padded armchair in a warm shooting house while debating which of the many deer feeding on bait in front of you is a “shooter”.

For me personally, I like reports like this. I only wish Maine had been labeled the worst deer hunting state, highly recommending that EVERYONE stay away from Maine and don’t go hunt there. Maine has few deer. Maine has cold weather. There are still open lands in Maine where a hunter can freely go and hunt. Too many hunters flocking to the state will continue to ruin that freedom.

So, if you’re thinking of going to Maine to deer hunt….FORGEDABOUTIT! It sucks! Oh, sure, there are some who want to advertise that Maine is some mecca of great deer hunting but don’t be fooled by that ploy in misadvertising. STAY AWAY.



2013-2014 New York Deer Harvest Numbers: 243,567 but not enough