March 22, 2023

Wolf Perverts Will Call Anything Dog-Like a Wolf

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*Editor’s Note* – The link below takes readers to an article that claims that someone has captured new “wolf cubs” on camera in Switzerland. Realizing the difficulty, usually, of identifying what is commonly referred to as “pure wolves” and the differences of mixed breeds, my first inclination was that this was a picture of mongrel dogs, perhaps representing a mixed German Shepard, not wolves.

I consulted with a wolf expert in Finland, expert in wolf DNA analysis and identification who said, “These guys are almost pure dogs, rather German Shepherds than wolves. Wolves do not exhibit this kind of color variations during their first year. Wolves’ first pelt is relatively monotone. When they shed their first winter pelt, the wolfish color settings become more expressed.”

The misled desire for people to want to see and have wolves to look at in the wild, have blinded them so badly, any wild dog is considered a wolf. Aside from the perversion that comes with wolf worship, the chosen blindness of the followers are contributing to the demise of actual wolves. Forcing mixed breed canines and actual wolves together, will lead only to further cross-breeding and a destruction of the species – even creating a cross-bred dog species that is more dangerous to people and to livestock.

What will it take to get people to understand?

Source: New wolves seen in Switzerland – SWI