September 25, 2023

Obama and his “ILK” – Please Define “Obama’s ILK”

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*Editor’s Note* – If I understand the author correctly, it is “Obama and his ilk” that want to make more laws and confiscate guns. While the author here hits on many valid points, he seems to fail to mention a few vital points that might give clearer meaning to all this.

First, is the failure to define or determine where the ideas of gun grabbing come from. Is it just “Obama and his ilk?” Surely gun confiscation by the U.S. Marxist government has been going on for many, many years. Obama didn’t write all those laws ripping to shreds the Second Amendment. Who pulls Obama’s puppet strings and the many presidents before him that have promoted “reasonable” gun confiscation laws? Who pulls the puppet strings of the 536 members of Congress that push for and vote for these “reasonable” gun confiscation laws. Who is responsible for propagandizing the America people that causes them to believe sensible and “reasonable” gun laws are necessary? And are they? Who decided that? Sure it couldn’t have been just “Obama and his ilk.”

Second, if it is true that “Obama and his ilk” are the “gun grabbers” then maybe the author should define for us readers “his ilk.” Who are the “ilk?” Are any of the 108-million “law-abiding gun owners” part of Obama’s ilk? Is anyone who agrees to or believes that “reasonable” gun confiscation laws are necessary, part of the “ilk?” Yes, please. Define “ilk,” for surely it is impossible to move forward or backward until someone steps up and tells us what defines the “ilk” and what action or inaction is needed that intrudes into the realm of anyone promoting gun confiscation that prequalifies them as “ilk?”

Third, not once does the author mention anything about a person’s inalienable right to self protection. Is that belief absent American values now, replaced by the many whom the author describes as those calling for more and more laws?

I think I read someplace that the United States now has something in the order of 90,000-plus pages of laws – all thought “reasonable” by someone I’m sure. Certainly there was money to be made doing it. Where once, God-fearing men understood and respected “inalienable” rights. Now with no more fear of God, which results in the displacement of respect, it has been replaced by 90,000 pages of law. How is that working out? I know I’m kidding myself to think in this world I’m a free man anymore.

And lastly, perhaps the author gives us a real hint into his own finger-pointing belief system – a belief perhaps he doesn’t even recognize or want to. After all, I am taught that my beliefs are right and yours wrong? Don’t tread on me. Tread on my neighbor instead.

I highlighted the author’s comment below in the article teaser.

Is this a factual statement? Evil exists and will until such time that God has had enough. To claim that gun confiscation WOULD prevent mass shootings, is perhaps as dishonest as claiming more laws will limit violent crime. Isn’t this to assume that gun confiscation is more powerful than the hand of God? Evil exists and if the gun is confiscated, something will replace that tool. Complete gun confiscation is just another law.

A closer examination of the society we have created tells the real story and yet it is avoided. Why? I contend it is because people love their decadent, violent and perverted lifestyles. Much the same reason Congress never seriously attacks crime in the Halls of Congress. Congress is a reflection of our society. Opening a real investigation will cause others to examine those calling for the investigation. Lip service is cheap, results and accomplishments are absent and will remain that way until we as individuals turn our affections back to God and away from man. Until then, NOTHING will change and will only get worse.

…shootings are carried out by less than half of one-tenth of 1 percent of people. Yet Obama and the gun grabbers are targeting all of the 108 million or so law-abiding gun owners for the crimes of less than one-tenth of 1 percent. But because those who would commit a gun crime are criminals and, by definition, criminals don’t obey laws, no amount of new laws would prevent mass shootings, short of complete confiscation.

Source: What Obama didn’t say in his gun-grabbing rant – Personal Liberty®