August 10, 2022

Ranchers, don’t trust wolves to know ‘good’ from ‘bad’ 

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*Editor’s Note* – The article linked-to below if pretty good. The lack of thinking and knowledge here, as expressed in the claim that there are good wolves and bad wolves and the good wolves are on “neighborhood crime watch” to keep the bad wolves from eating up livestock, is beyond foolish. It’s ignorant, heavily weighted down with perversion and a clear case of the result of propagandizing/brainwashing that exists at all levels of our society.

It reminds me of the same kind of claim, made by like non-thinkers, who say that wolves pick over the herd and take only the sick and lame of their prey species.

I, and several others, have contended for years that if wolves are that astute and discerning, why then do the promoters of such nonsense think this wolf intelligence only exists when it comes to determining sick and lame prey – supposedly an action that is good for the “ecosystem” and for “balance?”

We all know that wolves prefer the live fetuses of female elk. Yummy! Surely then, such brilliant animals, not only can pick out the pregnant female elk cows, but can also determine at what stage of development the fetus is that makes for the best eating.

How long before wolves evolve into understanding the inhumane treatment they have cast over prey species and begin opening up elk cafes just for wolves? Or better yet, a wolf vegan store? Maybe a place where wolves can serve up human flesh from those their friends have determined are wolf haters?

I’m sure most of us have seen the cartoon that shows two wolves hiding behind a rock, peeking out at a herd of sheep. One wolf says to the other, “Now remember. We only take the sick and lame ones.”

Now we can surely add another cartoon that shows another rock, with “good” wolves hiding behind it, reminding members of their pack that they are supposed to leave the sheep alone and run off the “bad” wolves. I suppose these adroit “good” wolves want to protect their reputations?

Have we regressed to a point that our intellect is below that of a wolf, or animals in general? It seems that a majority of people, at least in this country, choose to deal with any animal is by attaching human characteristics to them – and those human characteristics are only the ones that a person WANTS the animal to have. It’s nothing more than a perverse form of animal idealism.

Do wolves vote democratic?

I certainly hope my comments here this morning have not offended any wolves. However, I’m sure they can determine which writers prop up their political ideals and avoid the others. Or maybe they are even smarter than that.

Maybe another law?

A wolf pack that prefers elk will leave cattle alone and keep other wolf packs out. The same principle applies to coyotes, they said.

This theory sounds humane and progressive in the context of an air-conditioned meeting room at a fancy hotel in front of a group of people with no financial risk in the livestock industry. But to believe a livestock owner should trust that the good wolves and coyotes will protect their herds from the bad wolves and coyotes is beyond foolish.

Trying to tell a “good” wolf from a bad one is like looking into a box of chocolate-covered candy. You might pick the delicious caramel center, but then again, you might pick the slimy cherry.

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