November 27, 2022

City of Missoula Proposal to Regulate Private Firearms Sales

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Statement of the issue: Missoula City Council Member Bryan von Lossberg has proposed that the Missoula City Council consider adopting an ordinance that would require a federal background check to be done for every private sale of a firearm within the boundaries of the City of Missoula. City Attorney Jim Nugent has written a “Legal Opinion” concluding (sort of) that such an ordinance would be valid under Montana law.

Source: City of Missoula Proposal to Regulate Private Firearms Sales

Public Hearing, October 19th, 7 PM, Missoula City Hall.

What You Must DoSHOW UP, be heard

Who:  You
What:  Public hearing
Why:  Participation
Where:  Missoula City Hall
When:  10/19; 7PM

More detail:  The Missoula City Council will hold public hearings on three proposed ordinances on the evening of October 19th, including the proposed ordinance to prohibit transfers of firearms inside Missoula city limits unless that transfer is accomplished through a federally licensed dealer, including a federal background check on the buyer.  Proponents say this will “reduce gun violence” and make Missoula safer.

Be prepared to offer comment at the public hearing.  This means going to the microphone during the public comments portion of the process.<<<Read More>>>