December 2, 2022

Gun control rebrands, recovers

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*Editor’s Note* – There is little reason to put much stock in the “data” that Milbank uses in his opinion piece. That aside, readers should not be fooled into believing that this “rebranding,” i.e. a focus on somehow creating a means of keeping “all guns away from certain people,” will accomplish the fake stated goal of preventing gun violence, nor is it a concise representation of the long term goals of anti-gunners. This is incrementalism at its finest. Whether planned or happenstance, regardless of what appears to be working – or at least what form of propagandizing is working – this is an incremental step that they hope will work as they continue to chip away at people control disguised as gun control, or in this case keeping “all guns away from CERTAIN people.”

The more important question here is why isn’t those who present themselves as opposing gun violence, addressing the root problem of violence. Many tools are used in the perpetuation of human violence. Guns happens to be just one of the many. It’s not the tool, is about what causes the will or desire to be violent.

Gross overstates the case. (Among his tipping-point evidence: supportive tweets from Kim Kardashian.) But there is some truth to what he says. From the legislative debacle following Sandy Hook, the gun-control movement has retreated to a limited but pragmatic approach. Gone is the notion of “gun control,” replaced by “reducing gun deaths” or “gun violence prevention.” Gone, for now, are efforts to restrict any type of gun or ammunition. Instead, the movement has found a laser focus on background checks.

Source: Gun control rebrands, recovers — Opinion — Bangor Daily News — BDN Maine