September 24, 2023

The Walrus and the New York Times

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*Editor’s Comment* – One can choose to accept the same premise as displayed in the below piece by the author that, “Because its writers are so ill-informed, the New York Times is an especially laughable purveyor of politically-motivated climate hysteria.”

While that may be true, it should be added that the New York Times, under the control of the Council on Foreign Relations (you must study to know this), one of the creators of climate change hysteria, is doing what it is told to do or suffer the consequences. One may willingly believe the writers of the New York Times are THAT stupid that they would peddle nonsense for political reasons, but the reality is probably a combination of ignorance and doing what they are told.

But it should be discussed why any media outlet would, knowingly or otherwise, print this garbage of lies and fraud. As I’ve said, partly because they HAVE to but mostly because they can. They can because they know a majority, perhaps overwhelmingly so, of readers, most ignorant and most lazy, will blindly just accept what the writers write – after all, it is the New York Times. Brainwashing becomes easy on a willing subject.

The onus should come back to the readers. They are the ones, who, if they cared at all, would NEVER blindly accept anything any news agency or politician told them. If we stopped being accepting, they would stop printing the crap. It’s one thing to be ignorant of facts, it’s quite another to double down on the ignorance and repeat, while believing, a bunch of bullshit some totalitarian newspaper published.

Educated yourself. Truth is power.

The Times is peddling ignorance here. Actually, the congregation of walruses on land is an age-old phenomenon known as “hauling out.” It has nothing to do with the volume of sea ice at any given time. In fact, the Times is not just peddling ignorance, it is recycling it. Today’s Times piece is paraphrased from a much-derided column by Gail Collins that ran in October 2014.

Source: The Walrus and the New York Times | Power Line