December 3, 2023

Tavistock and the Aquarian Conspiracy

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The Tavistock Institute in London was responsible in the 1960’s for launching a mass psychological warfare operation (PSYOPS) on Western Culture throughout the world, in order to create a New Age paradigm of post-industrial Malthusianism with a rock-drug-sex culture, threatening the very existence of the nation and western Judeo-Christian civilisation. The Carter administrationwas an organising centre for Tavistock’s New Age, which itself was the test-tube creation of networks associated with the (British) Crown’s psychological warfare capability centred in London’s Tavistock Institute for Human Relations. The Carter administration National Security Adviser Zbigniew Brezezinski was a top propagandist for the “post-industrial” new age society. Today is a key advisor to Barack Obama and the White House.

The Aquarian Conspiracy “psyop” was launched around about the time President John F Kennedy was assassinated in 1963. Between 1964-66, the networks associated with Tavistock moved to shut down the space program and launch the Aquarian Conspiracy, a massive long-term brainwashing campaign to shift the underlying values and moral outlook of the American people. To accomplish this, an assault was launched on that quality that which defines man in the image of the Creator and distinguishes him from the beast – his capacity for creative reason.

At the end of World War II, Tavistock called for the creation of “psychological shock troops”, which through the use of mass brainwashing techniques, would become the real controllers of society. The method by which the masses would be psychologically reprogrammed would be through a process called “social turbulence.” Remember the so-called “credit crunch” social engineering controlled demolition of the middle classes in the United States and other parts of the word?  Remember what happened to Greece, Ireland, Cyprus, Spain, Portugal, Detroit?

The premise of the technique is that a series of sharp and universal, cathartic shocks will destabilise a targeted  population, plunging a whole society into a form of managed psychosis. If the shocks are repeated over a period of years, there will be a shift in mental capacity to more infantile forms of reasoning. The psychotic adaptations of values would become “normative” or accepted; what was once thought to be abnormal (e.g. high unemployment, scarcity, destruction of personal savings and assets), would become normal. <<<Source>>>