December 5, 2022

Wolves Cause Beavers to Appear…And Disappear

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Wolves have been labeled as many things, one that they have the ability, simply by their presence, to change the flow of streams and rivers, cause birds and beavers to appear in places supposedly destroyed by other animals in numbers not “controlled” by wolves through the magic of “balance of natural” or “natural regulation.”

We have all heard the swill from environmentalists how that, without the wolf, ecosystems are dysfunctional. Bring the wolf back and beavers multiply, more birds fly, elk and moose take extended vacations, and bank accounts grow.

Well, the wolf is so magical and mystical that evidently, it’s so damned intelligent (they do have social reasoning powers you know) it manages the ecosystem so there are more beavers and then sits down to a beaver meal shortly thereafter. Man, these creatures are smarter than a fifth-grader.

Follow this link to view a wolf dining on a beaver.