September 22, 2023

The Divine Word

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Spirituality is a personal relationship with the Divine thus divine help in Biblical comprehending the divines message. Religion, scientism, environmentalism, patriotism, ism ism ism is Babylonian Mystery Religion ism ism ism crowd control.

All political and therefore fictitious philosophies, whether provided for as undiluted communism (socialism/collectivism) or diluted communism (socialism/collectivism), fascism (collectivism), sustainable developments communitarianism (collectivism), or any other ‘created’ personally owned private political-fictitious collectivist scheme of -isms that comes to mind and their representative systems of democracy, originate and are inspired by the priests of Rome and their self righteous self-validating clergy’s cult[ure]s, as a means of busying people from discovering the origins of the rule of law and the authoriy it provides for people as freewill.