October 3, 2022

The Religion of Pseudo Scientism – Faithful Followers Believe They Are Smart

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Science does not normally proceed in an orderly fashion from truth to truth to truth.  Better to say it advances from error to correction to correction and in one such pseudo scientific theory of many the “scientific” case of don’t manage fluffy the wolf more corrections that are needed proving management is required are suppressed… Time to grow up you little scientismists.. Research findings in all fields of scientific study being found to be false are not uncommon in the world of pseudo sciences. You know, science fiction..The environ-mentalist movement thrives on pseudo science.. The movement has become the laughing stock of all movements, even more amusing than half baked conspiracy theorists singing out unproven criminal activity, intentionally of course as the RICO establishment with its constituted authority controls all alternative “truther” sites as it does controlled opposition environmentalist groupies.. Published research findings that turn out to be false are a common occurrence in peer reviewed science publishing, sometimes with serious consequences and resistance to correction.. Imagine that. Worse are the faithful followers of the published pseudo science.. They’ve proven they’re ready to go to war over the lies rather than work to correct them.. Ah, but then the bastardization of “science” by the fools might be serving its own purpose as some, very few mind you, can see they have been duped and are stepping back and reanalyzing their scientific faith. That being said the majority of the pseudo science crowd do have their eyes glazed over, insanity is sanity.. Oblivious Scientific Bliss..  The Dead Heads Society. Where Ph.D means genius..