February 7, 2023

Constituted Authorities Would Never Lie

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We’re living in a country where we see that ranchers and farmers, food producers are being made out to be the enemy. They are being demonized. Add to that the hunter. The hunter is also a food producer. Self reliance food production. I’ve done that most of my life. Then of course the logging and mining industries are the enemy. They also have been demonized. Ranchers are being destroyed financially. Now they are being slaughtered for protesting against their destruction. As well ranchers are being run off their lands, and thrown in prison under highly questionable circumstances for once again, objecting to being financially ruined. This has been going on for some time, more recently it is the Hammond family being destroyed by the BLM.

The USFS and the BLM over the past several years have confiscated cattle in the process of forcing ranchers off their private lands so the lands can be added to the public lands. This national tragedy taking place is a long and laborious research study. I’m going to leave that up to you the reader to do some due diligence and investigative discovery for yourself. I won’t be holding my breath.

The out right dishonesty, cruelty and unjustness of this movement behind this destruction is mind boggling to say the least.

One interesting aspect of this long drawn out and unfolding national tragedy is the fact that those supporting it, the various environmentalist groups who are clearly corporate controlled corporate opposition are using for their own lives resources from the earth as we all are. The earth provides for us. They use building products for their homes. They heat their homes. They drive automobiles. They use tools. They use equipment for camping. They use camera’s and eye phones, eye pads, and computers. They use the same basic essentials as the rest of us. Yet they advocate for the destruction of the industries that provide these goods and services for them. They are the ultimate hypocrites on the face of this earth.

They are mindless black hearted socially engineered clones of the big corporate invention called the environmentalist movement. And their main objective is the destruction of the real grassroots environmentalist conservationist movement that has managed resources harvesting for over two hundred years of their own American history. In the socially engineered minds of these hypocrites there is no such thing as an unjust law written by lawyers.

There is no such thing as unjust non representative taxation. And their is apparently no such thing as constituted authority that consistently embellishes the facts from a scientific or legal perspective. There is apparently no such thing as corporate controlled peer reviews. No such thing as corporate controlled main stream media dishonesty so bad that 101% of that medias news is complete nonsense.

There is apparently no such thing as corporate sponsored terrorism. There is also no such thing as credible critical thinking found outside of the mass collective hived mind established by the corporation running this shit show produced by gnostic clowns. There is apparently no such thing as reality in the minds of the u.s. citizen cloned zombies.

You have a nice death America, you deserve it.