December 11, 2023

Marenisco, Michigan Fighting Wolf Problem

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“It’s a big problem up here,” he said. “I know the DNR’s hands are pretty much tied as far as what we can do about these wolves since they’ve been relisted (on the endangered species list) by court order, but I live this every day and I’m responsible for the safety of these people. I have to deal with it on a daily basis and no one wants to listen to what we have to say up here. Something has to be done.

“Mahler said one of the most prominent local trappers in the Marenisco area recently set out his coyote traps and trapped 11 wolves before getting one coyote. Of course, the trapper had to let the wolves go, but the number that were trapped before even one coyote was trapped illustrates the extent of the wolf population in that area.

Source: Marenisco fighting predator problem – The Northwoods River News – Rhinelander, Wisconsin