December 6, 2022

The Scientific Process of Brainwashing Societal Collectives Of People

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The science of how to turn people within all societies sharing the country, the land, against themselves and their neighbors is in play. It is an old game, thousands of years old. Being played out in real time as those who know better watch and wonder if these mind controlled fools all around us will ever figure it out. Apparently not. That they need to wake and recognize that are being taken for fools by clever Malthusian monsters is obvious. But they will not. Some here and there slowly realize the game. But in the long run the majority of these people are solidly stuck in strong delusion. Perhaps It’s even going against the Creator of this Earth and life to entertain the idea of waking them all up. It just isn’t happening.  There are no EXCUSES as there have been ample warnings of this dangerous threat throughout history.