January 27, 2023

Coyotes Kill Two Beagles-One Survives… 

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It is sad, but, unfortunately it is the risk we now live with here in Maine and some want to bring wolves to Maine

Told to David Trahan by Jeff Tilton
The young girl in the picture is Sydney Tilton, sophomore at Richmond High School, the two dogs in the photo are the two killed, Uno and Skye

On January 8, 2016, retired Game Warden and Master Maine Guide Roland Tilton and fellow rabbit hunter Bobby Carter were rabbit hunting in China, Maine, when they encountered several coyotes that attacked and killed two of their three beagles. According to Jeff Tilton, owner of the beagles, the following account is in Jeff Tilton’s words describing the day’s hunt and the moments of the coyote attack, and the hectic chase that followed.

Source: Coyotes Kill Two Beagles-One Survives… – Sportsman’s Alliance of Maine