January 28, 2023

Wildlife group considers suing NH Fish and Game over bobcat season

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*Editor’s Note* – Also found in this article is the following statement by the Executive Director of the New Hampshire Fish and Game Department: “The fact is we have trapping seasons for all sorts of species other than bobcats across the state and I am unaware of us, of anyone accidentally catching a lynx,” he said. “So all I can tell you is the bobcat thing in that respect is a bit of a red herring given all the other species out there that are being trapped.”

This statement can’t help but bring me back to comments and thoughts I have had about events surrounding the “incidental take” of Canada lynx in Maine. New Hampshire and Maine share a common border as well as share a population of Canada lynx. I still find it of grave concern that Maine strangely, after being granted an Incidental Take Permit for Canada lynx by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, that was written to allow for the “incidental” trapping of no more than 5 lynx, and within weeks of the issuance of such a permit, 4 lynx were reported taken in traps – an amount that unquestionably exceeded the average of lynx taken prior to the issuance of a permit.

Now we hear from the E.D. of New Hampshire Fish and Game that they have been trapping bobcats and various other species for years with NO reported incidents of incidental takings of Canada lynx.

It is still my contention that the reported 4 lynx killed in traps in Maine was a criminal act by environmentalists in order to achieve one step closer to the elimination of trapping. The Maine attorney general should have launched an investigation immediately – unless of course he was in on the plan from the beginning.

In the wake of the highly controversial decision to reinstate a state bobcat hunting season, a Washington, D.C.-based wildlife organization is considering suing N.H. Fish and Game and its commission.

If filed, the grounds for the lawsuit would be that a bobcat season could put an endangered lookalike animal at risk, according to an attorney with the Animal Welfare Institute.

In re-establishing the first bobcat hunting season in more than 25 years, N.H. Fish and Game would be in violation of the Endangered Species Act by not providing utmost protection of the Canada lynx, said Tara C. Zuardo, a wildlife attorney.


Source: Wildlife group considers suing NH Fish and Game over bobcat season – SentinelSource.com: The Keene Sentinel Local News