September 29, 2022

Is A Juris Doctorate A Know It All Degree? Was Scalia a GOD?

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While alleged skeptics focus on how Scalia died and consider the probability that he was assassinated why is it not being considered that he went into seclusion retirement. After all he was secretly a Free Mason, a secret society member of St. Hubertus, openly a Roman Catholic. And a leftist posing as a fake rightist conservative. A servant of the Papacy. He obeyed them all of his life. So he either died a normal old mans death, or he is in on this distraction because he is one of them. He is not divided, was not divided by the Hegelian dialectical left versus right paradigm. He was part of the show.

If someone murdered him maybe {Yeah, a big MAYBE} it was a 13 year old MKultra sex slave tired of being held captive and abused by pedophiles. If that is the case there would be a coverup as well. The world is really this strange. If you cannot grasp that concept that is not my problem. This Supreme Court Justice was not special, he did not advocate for real Biblical Principles. He advocated for the destruction of freewill by playing his part of controlled opposition against leftism. Not liberalism, leftism. Anyone who has spent real time in various law dictionary’s and English Etymology dictionary’s knows damn well the language, words and terms we all use at different levels of comprehension are in fact weapons.

We likely will never know how Scalia died, and when he actually did die. And I for one don’t give a damn. If you take sides with the Devils secular governments of this world and this Vatican owned U.S. multi international corporation playing world cop is no exception, you’re simply a mind controlled idiot. Rough talk isn’t? Well if these Babylonian deceivers are still fooling your mind you deserve it.  These people of power have done the horrifically unimaginable behind closed doors.  

They are all above the law they subject upon their subjects. They are the Lawless Ones Spoken of in the Bible. Their Laws and institutions are in fact completely opposites and are rebellion against the Law of mans Creator. These agnostic masonic Babylonians are seditionists against true LAW. I believe this is the last time this example of rebellion will be allowed in the history of mans fall from perfection.