February 5, 2023

Hiding Truth About Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies

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Field and Stream posts a perfect example of why ignorant people can never make a real informed choice. The voter should be chastised because they insist on remaining ignorant (lazy because they will not look further than what the Media spoon feeds them). The Media, and the associations they do the bidding for, either ignorantly or intentionally leave out the most important of information – I suppose that way it’s easier to deceive the public.

According to the article, a “Blue Ribbon Panel” (made up mostly of Environmentalists), funded by the Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies (AFWA), is seeking new ways to fund new wildlife management. AFWA says the states can’t afford to do an adequate job anymore and need alternative funding. I call BS!

While the F&S article, ignorantly extols the efforts of hunters and fishermen to “tax themselves” to save wildlife, the writer fails miserably in explaining where the AFWA gets their funding to operate. The “tax themselves” excise money comes from two Congressional acts – Pittman-Robertson and Dingell-Johnson. The AFWA, convinced Congress, through lies and deceit, to give them some of that PR/DJ money. In other words they stole it away from the state fish and wildlife agencies, who now are said to not have enough money, so AFWA could perpetuate their pet projects. And what sportsmen, who pay that excise tax money, don’t realize is that the AFWA used the hunter’s and fisherman’s tax money to fund and promote anti-hunting and anti-fishing programs. None of this should make any sense nor should it be permitted.

The real goal of AWFA is to put a stop to hunting, trapping and fishing and put their efforts into promoting Environmentalism and animal rights, while at the same time building up retirement pensions on the backs of the sportsmen.

Shame on F&S for doing such romantic journalism and not digging deeper to discover the truth….or maybe they didn’t want to know the truth…or maybe they did and wanted to make sure readers didn’t discover the truth.