May 28, 2023

He Killed 14 Wolves, Hundreds Of Coyotes And Foxes And he Is Idolized by the Wolf Pimps

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Notice the cover below shows a wolf where a wolf should not be. In a rural area. I did read Wolfer. May read this. One should understand ones enemies. I think Carter is dishonest with himself thus he cannot be honest with us. He is in denial of the reality of this world and who those foreign eugenicists are that are behind his own “thinking” of which they’ve socially engineered his mind with.  The ideology dates back several years to 1912 to Charles Rothschild.

The International Bankers have always been behind all the worlds philosophical and economic concepts and even the trend of going green, is really their idea and no doubt, they will be the ultimate beneficiaries.That should be a huge red flag for all concerned..Just follow the money.. Environmentalist Corporate Controlled Opposition is simply all radical environmentalist groups, Club of Rome Clones, Sierra Club, and various offshoot groups such as the Western Watersheds Project Group, Cascadia Wild Group, The affiliate Wildlife News website, and others who are pushing a political agenda which is really a disguised economic agenda that benefits the Invisible Corporate Rulers behind this think which merely operates off sheer greed and profit motive incentives shrouded in the sanctity of possessing aspirations of saving mother earth, wildlife, bio-diveristy, which appears to be in tune with saving mankind and all other vital life forms.

“The Royal Society of Wildlife Trusts or RSWT…was previously known by the names Society for the Promotion of Nature Reserves and Royal Society for Nature Conservation.”
History – The forerunner of the RSWT, the Society for the Promotion of Nature Reserves, was established by Charles Rothschild in 1912. It aimed initially to draw up a list of the country’s best wildlife sites with a view to purchase for protection as nature reserves, and by 1915 it had drawn up a list of 284, known as Rothschild Reserves.” Source: Royal Society of Wildlife Trusts. Nathaniel Charles Rothschild (9 May 1877 – 12 October 1923), known as “Charles”, was an English banker and entomologist and a member of the Rothschild family. And – The Wildlife Trusts, The Rothschild Reserves.. – Climate Change & Wildlife – The Wildlife Trusts – And takes us to Giammaria Ortes: The Decadent Venetian Kook Who Originated The Myth of “Carrying Capacity”.. World Wide Fund for Nature, WWF (formerly named the, World Wildlife Fund, WWF) World Wildlife Fund / World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) Founders –Bernhard of Lippe-Biesterfeld – Julian Huxley – Max Nicholson – Peter Scott – Guy Mountfort – Godfrey A. Rockefeller – The Windsors..

Corporate Controlled Opposition Environmentalists are being played like the proverbial fiddle..


Wolf Land


Keep in mind that the author of this book and Wolfer has essentially made the claim that if you don’t see the world as he does there is no future in it thus avoid speaking with you about those differences because he’s right and you’re wrong.. He’s really open minded..

“Dismiss armchair biologists and those who will not engage in constructive dialogue. There’s no future in it.”—Carter Niemeyer

Remember “experts” are imperfect just like everyone. They make mistakes, they lie, they suffer from greed, they go with what has a financial future in it.. And most of them stand with the Beast. The false Prophet is the United States of America owned and controlled by foreign corporations. The Holy Roman Empire as mentioned in the 1783 Paris Peace Treaty.. Thus the Whore controlling this Beast government.. Thats who this guy serves. AND THERE CERTAINLY IS NO FUTURE IN THAT..

I believe in the BOOK that tells me this is MANS lands.. Unfortunately under the control of corporate frauds created by the Anti Christ at this time. We win in the end though, and these Satanists lose..