January 30, 2023

A Black Bear Blog Beers Remington Original Important Review

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Editor’s Note: This is an interesting exchange. Not a new exchange, as this topic has been discussed before. What can be taken aware from here is nearly limitless to the open-minded person. To point out a couple, canines, both wild and domestic are capable of carrying several diseases….as many as 30 by some accounts. Because, according to the Final Environmental Impact Statement on the introduction of wolves, disease effects were not debated, nor was there anything but passing mention of diseases, even though several scientists wrote about them, we are now beginning to see the effects of that. In our attempts to save one species, it is important to consider all ramifications on all other species. This was not done in the case of wolf introduction and this is made apparent in the information below as one killer disease was well known many years before wolf introduction.

Hydatid disease, from tapeworms, was discovered in wild sheep and known about for several decades now and yet, some still deny sheep are a secondary host of echinococcus granulosus.

And just as importantly, the scientists who have for years now been demonized, ridiculed and scoffed at because they dared speak the truth, are now being proven to be the only holders of the truth. While the environmental activists spend their time propagandizing that these scientists and anyone who believes their data are ignorant liars, I contend that so far much of everything the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service was told would happen with wolf introduction has come true. How do you argue with fact?

Below is Jim Beers’ response to an email sent to him and others about whether wild sheep could contract hydatid cysts from tapeworms and have been misdiagnosed with pneumonia instead.

Let me ask you and the others receiving this message…what about wild sheep? Can the bighorns of the Northern Rockies ingest blades of grass laden with E. granulosus eggs, and become infected with hydatd cysts as well?

If so, and the capacity and efficiency of their lungs is drastically reduced, COULD IT BE that what MT FWP biologists have diagnosed as outbreaks of pneumonia POSSIBLY BEEN the effects of hydatid cysts on the lungs?

You’ve probably read that FWP has decided to allow hunters to simply call in and report a wolf kill, or to walk into any FWP regional office and make the same claim…without producing a wolf carcass or any proof of a wolf kill…and the kill WILL BE tallied against the 220 quota. One local hunter I know kept after FWP Region 2 Supervisor Mack Long hard enough that he was told that they do not want the carcasses brought to FWP offices…due to the threat of Echinococcus granulosus eggs. And these are the same people who, a year ago, claimed that a hunter would have to actually eat infected wolf feces before it became an honest health threat.

Seems when faced with FWP personnel having to actually handle wolf carcasses during a check in process…they are now having some serious second thoughts.

I can see one heck of a lot of fraudulent claims of kills being made…to purposely hold down the real kill numbers. In reality, the pro-wolf movement could run out and purchase 220 resident wolf tags…and call in phony kill reports…and account for the entire quota – for just $6,380 ($19 for the wolf license, and $10 for the conservation license). That’s far cheaper than filing a lawsuit to stop the hunt.

Name Withheld

Jim Beers’ response:

1. According to Walker’s Mammals of the World, “domestic sheep have been derived from one or more species of Ovis (i.e. Wild Mountain Sheep) still surviving in the wild”. This fact alone should establish the high probability of their sharing diseases and the likely pathologies for transmission and infection.

2. When the Oregon subcontractors of the US Fish & Wildlife Service (known locally under the nom de plume the “Oregon” Department of Fish and Game) announced plans to “restore” Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep to the Hells Canyon Breaks of the Snake River in NE Oregon in the past decade those paragons of environmental science and protection – the US Forest Service, US Fish and Wildlife Service, and BLM confirmed that they would “HAVE” to close down several nearby domestic sheep grazing allotments to “protect” the wild sheep from “disease”. Can there be any “Higher Authority” than the USFS, BLM, and USFWS plus the Oregon USFWS subcontractor that wild sheep are susceptible to sheep diseases and vice versa?

3. In the days before “science” became a streetwalker for federal/environmental causes; before the federal government could do things like get “science” to erase all the truth about how Brucellosis -undulant fever in humans- is a serious danger to humans from all the literature; and before political correctness erased all truth about the deadly, dangerous, and destructive folly of wolf and grizzly bear programs would wreck communities, kill growing numbers of individuals, destroy hunting and ranching, and debilitate rural cultures: there was honest and true science. The following 2 quotes from those days are here offered on the question of “what about wild sheep? Can the bighorns of the Northern Rockies ingest blades of grass laden with E. granulosus eggs, and become infected with hydatd cysts as well?”

A. In 1944, according to Stanley Young, a Biological Survey/US Fish and Wildlife Service animal damage control experts for 40 years and former Chief of the Federal Animal Damage Control Program:

“The sheep disease spread by dogs and wolves and sometimes referred to as sturdy or turnstick in sheep, is caused by the larva or hydatid phase of a tapeworm. The eggs of this tapeworm are distributed in the feces of flesh-eating animals such as the wolf in open range lands. These eggs are taken on forage by grazing sheep and hatch on the walls of the stomach. The embryos pierce the stomach walls and enter the blood; some reach the brain or spinal cord, developing cysts. There appears to be no cure for sheep with this affliction.”

B. In 1925, Dr. Norman Criddle, author of The Habits and Economic Importance of Wolves in Canada:

“Another disease spread by wolves is that known as gid in sheep. This fatal infection is due to bladder-like cysts formed on the brain. It is in reality caused by the immature stage of a tapeworm found in dogs, coyotes, etc., and so far as is known it has no other means of spreading than through these animals. The chief method of distribution is brought about by carnivorous animals devouring carcasses of sheep that have died of the disease. Dr. Seymour Hadwen, formerly Chief Veterinary Pathologist of the Dominion Department of Agriculture, who furnished this information states that gid in sheep is not uncommon in Montana and that it has been found in Saskatchewan.”

Unless some University propagandist like the University of Minnesota did 40 years ago; or some USFWS Montana wolf/grizzly subcontractor like “their” Fish, Wildlife and Parks (one of the more “environmentally-infested” state agencies); or some wolf/grizzly do-gooder shooting birth control pills into deer has REALLY CHANGED REAL SCIENCE – hydatid disease from Echinococcus is alive and well… wolves are spreading it.. wolves have been spreading it… sheep (both wild and domestic) can and are picking it up on forage (as I testified before the Oregon State Legislature’s Agriculture Committee recently) … and yes wild sheep have and are decreasing because of it just like Minnesota Moose are decreasing because of wolves and just as western big game herds are on their way out because of wolves but none of this can be said and all of it is denied by a pack of terrorists that hate our America as much as Bin Laden and his pack. I have written and spoken about this so many times now I am getting arthritis in my two typing fingers.

Jim Beers

– See more at: http://www.skinnymoose.com/bbb/2011/09/19/wolves-sheep-disease-and-science/#sthash.kXaqK9PR.dpuf