October 3, 2022

Does LePage Still Have Life in His Back-In-Your-Face Reversion Bill?

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It was my understanding, eight days ago, that Maine Gov. Paul LePage’s bill proposal, designed to prevent any president seeking to establish a “national monument” in Maine, was dead in the water.

According to a news release from the Maine Heritage Policy Center, LD 1600 still has some teeth…sort of. The Maine Senate narrowly passed the bill, 18-17, the meat of which says: “These deeds and conveyances or title 17 papers must contain a covenant requiring that all right, title and interest in the property 18 revert to the grantor if the United States attempts to designate this property a national 19 monument pursuant to 54 United States Code, Section 320301 (2015).”

This bill now heads back to the House for a final vote.

As I wrote before, if this passes, it will be interesting to see how this will wend it’s way through state and federal courts.