December 2, 2022

Has MDIFW Lost It’s Collective Minds?

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JackNicholsonI didn’t attend this meeting of the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife (MDIFW) in Orono, Maine to discuss “big” game. However, I make reference to what Bangor Daily News reporter, John Holyoke, reported as a comment by Matt Latti of MDIFW:

Mark Latti of the DIF&W hinted at things to come after a mild winter, saying hunters who want to harvest a doe will likely have a better chance to do so this year.

“You’re going to see a substantial increase in any-deer permits this year,” Latti said, suggesting that the final tally might be 50 percent higher than last year’s permit total.

Even though MDIFW will not post the 2015 deer hunting harvest data on its website (something to hide while they have their meetings?), I received information from a handout that came from MDIFW showing that in 2015, 20,348 deer were taken. That’s the lowest number in three years and the fourth lowest number in 7 years. And, it’s near one-half the harvest of 2002. During this time, Any-Deer Permit allocations have dropped substantially. Little good it has done. Are we to thank “Climate Change” for a sudden and miraculous regrowth of deer, so much so that we need to increase our permits by 50%? HELP!

MDIFW has always touted that their prized “Any-Deer” permitting system was the major tool to grow, sustain or shrink a deer population within each of the Wildlife Management Districts.

Perhaps Maine has decided already, before and without the input they are getting from forums and meetings (placation?), that they are going to scrap the management goal for deer of 300,000 – 350,000 (statewide) and pare that down to around 150,000 – 175,000 deer.

While it is true that in some zones (areas where land is heavily posted) there are too many deer, but the majority of the state has few deer. How is increasing Any-Deer Permits by 50% going to accomplish growing and rebuilding a deer population statewide? Maybe it is no longer desired by MDIFW?

However, it seems that, according to rigged surveys, MDIFW has been give carte blanche because an overwhelming majority of hunters think MDIFW walks on water and do a terrific job. Go figure!

Perhaps it’s time to get rid of the deer (after all, climate change is killing everything), get rid of the moose, which it seems we are well on our way, and let’s promote and grow more turkeys, continue to spend every waking moment fighting with environmentalist mental-midgets more concerned with making out with an animal than scientific wildlife management. When this is complete, let’s import some wild hogs. They will be good for the ecosystem (a fabricated word by Environmentalists that influences thought). Once the hogs are well-established and have destroyed about everything, including pissing off enough farmers and residents, whose pristine lawns have been rooted by pigs, the Idiots can introduce hybrid, farm raised dogs and call them wolves – because wolves have more power than gOD, where in today’s mindless society wolves can do things that they have never done in recorded history. Amazing isn’t it.

I wonder if someone has convinced MDIFW that killing more deer will cause fast growth. Many brain-dead fools think that baiting bears make them fat causing them to magically produce more offspring, which is the cause of Maine’s bear growth. They believe and repeat the same nonsense about coyotes, but not wolves. No, no. Wolves are smart enough to take their birth control pills as they are expected to do. According to the environmentalist, when convenient, killing causes increase and when convenient, killing by hunters causes scarcity and extirpation of species.

What a magical world we live in. I think I need to get some of what they are smoking.