November 30, 2022

Wildlife News Owner Called Out For Inaccurate Claim By Commenter WM

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Maughan shows his dishonesty in Idaho State Journal Article

And at his own web site he gets called out for the inaccuracy;

Commenters remarks about inaccurate statement/title;

With all due respect to Ralph and his usually balanced writing, I have a rather significant problem with the title of the article, and an implied statement in the text.

The title “Wolves Kill 19 Sick Elk”

Really? OK, lets’ see the proof.

The text: The wolves will abandon a kill if the perceive something wrong — poison perhaps, sickness in the meat, just something “funny.” If people come upon a half-eaten or barely eaten carcass that does not mean it is abandoned. No, it usually means wolf, bear, cougar, coyote, etc. are in the area, often close by. They are probably sleeping off their feast. They return many times until it is consumed. Wolves almost always give up their elk if people come…”

There is no factual finding referenced in the article that these elk calves at this winter feeding location were “sick.” I don’t think Ralph actually said they were…. but there is conjecture based on what specific facts for these dead almost yearling calves.

And the title of the article is perhaps a lie, or at least an unsupported conclusion?

Good journalism demands more, and if there is no factual proof these specific calves were sick – proven by an unbiased source – the title should be changed. If there is a forensic conclusion by qualified authorities that they were “sick” that point should be explained in the article.

Anybody disagree? end WM comment.


There are many inaccurate claims in the article.  Many Idahoans know of several occurrences of sport killing by wolves.

And in Idaho near SUN WORSHIP Valley an interesting “33” elk died during winter..

33 elk die at central Idaho winter feeding station

The bullshit is running pretty deep these days..