February 4, 2023

FDA Commissioner’s Parents Led Eugenics Society

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“The real enemy then is humanity itself”-– The First Global Revolution: A Report to the Club of Rome by Alexander King and Bertrand Schneider. Page 115 of the first edition – 1991

The authors have spent a good deal of time finding means to use the right language and locate the precise reasons that could inflame a multiplicity of conflicting circumstances into a searing conflagration whereby individual dissenters of the Plan would be made to seem unforgivably nationalistic, greedy, selfish, reckless, and unethical should they reject worldwide collectivism, a one world governance established to help save man against himself. Sustainable development, in the context of this book, means minimal materialism combined with obedience to and cooperation with the world state: your property rights are gone.


The U.N. Global Biodiversity {Scarcity Creation} Assessment, 1100 pages. The Earth Summit Agenda 2100. Sustainable Development. And the Global 2000 Report of the Club of Rome.