October 1, 2022

Attention Readers!!

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Yesterday, or this morning, readers may have received an email alert that contains an article about Michael Bloomberg. That article got “published” by me, on my website by mistake. The article was in its infancy stages, half complete, and unedited. My apologies. The finished draft will come as soon as I have completed work on it.

I am far from perfect and with so much information being disseminated, with piles of documents, etc. sometimes it’s difficult to keep track of exactly which buttons I am clicking on. The “save draft” button and the “publish” button are not too far apart from each other.

If you received the article and read what was there, more than likely you thought I am losing my mind. I assure you that in my mind, I am not losing my mind, but that remains open to discussion for many.

Please bear with me in my error and don’t get too excited (anticipation or anger) over what you read.

Thanks for your understanding.