October 24, 2021

Fracking is Harmless…Er, If That Fits Your Narrative

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Some people are all excited about a story that has surfaced (HotAir) that says a recent study, paid by Environmentalists who want fodder to ban fracking for oil and gas, couldn’t prove that fracking did any environmental harm. Whoopie!

Someone recently asked, “Can we ever trust science again?” Unfortunately, we shouldn’t have been trusting science all along, because a lot of it isn’t science. It’s politics, greed, and corruption and it knows no political party.

The Hot Air article refers to two studies done in Texas and Ohio that couldn’t prove fracking harmed the environment – but doesn’t tell us who funded those studies. Hmmmm!

If the University of Cincinnati hadn’t tried so hard to cover up the results of their study, it wouldn’t have looked quite so bad for them – if, in fact, they were trying to hide the results. I and others can write until we drop dead about how perverted and crooked so-called science is but it always provides ammunition for any and all sides – just pick one that fits the bill.

The Hot Air article then takes a pot shot at Hillary Dillary Quack (yeah I know. That’s my pot shot.) because in her campaign she is trying to lie to the voters to make them believe she opposes dangerous, environmentally treacherous, fracking: “…it’s yet another example of an issue where Sanders had dragged her so far to the left that she’s providing endless fodder for her Republican opponent come November. And when we get to that stage of the race, it’s not New York she has to worry about, but places like Pennsylvania and Ohio…”

People who are going to vote for Hillary don’t care what she says about anything. Voters are like that. History shows us, but few will heed, that voters have short memories and few brains (If I was a candidate, I would say voters have long memories and are very intelligent). It wouldn’t matter to Hillary, or any brainwashed environmentalist, whether one or one hundred studies proved fracking was harmless. They BELIEVE what they are told to BELIEVE. Screw science…well, unless a particular “study” helps to substantiate my lying. It wouldn’t matter to any republican voter about studies on fracking. The also BELIEVE!

It works both ways. Money can and does buy anything. The proof is in the mindlessness of the American voter.

This time must be different, BUT DON’T GO LOOK!