November 26, 2022

The History Of Ancient America- Amaru The Winged Serpent – Turtle Island

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Might be why Rome on the Potomac tried to wipe them all out..These guys never tell the whole truth although they do tell a lot of truth. There is no ancient America. It is ancient Turtle Island renamed America later. The aborigines were immigrants just like anyone else. Babylonian. Their ancient ancestors were at Nimrods great tower and their various dialects originated there. All SUN and Earth worshipers like the Universalists ruling this Nation these days.. Anyway its interesting for those of us doing deep forensic researches seeking historical facts. The Edomites seek to wipe out all opposing tribes. Been going on for several thousand years, or since Cain killed Abel.. They’re still hunting Abel’s bloodline. Rome has miraculously arisen from the dust bin of history and is preparing to repeat her old ways. Nothing new under the SUN.. They’ve killed most mens minds because they control the flow of info in all of their indoctrination academies thus turning them into walking babbling academiac zombies, unfortunately.

The history of ancient America, anterior to the time of Columbus : proving the identity of the aborigines with the Tyrians and Israelites; and the introduction of Christianity into the western hemisphere by the Apostle St. Thomas

Added t.-p. engraved: An original history of ancient America. Founded upon the ruins of antiquity ..

“No more published.”–Brit. mus. Catalogue

Includes index

v.1. The Tyrian era: Book 1. The ruins of antiquity in ancient America, described and analyzed … Book 2. The … history of Tyrus, to the destruction of that kingdom by Alexander of Macedon; and the Tyrian migration to the western hemisphere in the year 332 before Christ

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