December 10, 2023

SAM “Perplexed” Over Why Sen. King Sponsoring Meetings to Promote National Monument in Maine

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Just like flies to dung heaps, politicians must take care of the money supplies that got them elected. GEEZ! Haven’t grown men actually figured this out yet? Coming off 7-plus years of perhaps the most overt of political pay-offs with President Obama and those who bought his election, the Sportsman’s Alliance of Maine(SAM) says they are “perplexed,” “confused,” and “puzzled,” as to what would prompt Senator Angus King to hold two public meetings about the idea of a national monument declaration on land the Obama appointee to the National Parks board of directors, Roxanne Quimby, has failed to convince residents and Congress would make a peachy kind of a national park.

SAM could lose the confusion to the problem if they just FOLLOWED THE MONEY!

Old Hunter knows the score: