November 28, 2023

All Eyes on Trump at NRA Convention

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The National Rifle Association didn’t surprise many attendees in Louisville, Kentucky with their endorsement of presumptive Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump. Pro-Trump shirts, hats and stickers worn by the NRA members in attendance left little doubt who their selection would be. Others, sporting shirts supporting “Hillary for Prison on 2016” left little doubt how they feel about his likely opponent.

The NRA’s Annual Meeting & Exhibits is normally the time when Second Amendment supporting members get together to celebrate all things firearms-related in a relaxed atmosphere. But this year’s presidential campaign seemed to have put an extra element of urgency in everything: from the rush of attendees buying the latest-and-greatest in accessories and gear to constant reminders that Trump has already done something significant- forcing the normally shifty Clinton campaign to take irrefutable anti-gun stands.

His constant characterizations of Clinton as “crooked Hillary” resonated with the NRA faithful and those responses seemed to add further steam to the Trump team in attendance.

Source: NRAAM Wraps Up Busy Sessions : The Outdoor Wire