November 26, 2022

Wildlife’s Modern Management: Thousands of Trail Cameras

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It doesn’t get any poorer than this. Wisconsin has decided, along with NASA (?) to litter the forests and fields with 6,000 trail cameras, make the photos accessible to the WORLD for identification, so that the fish and wildlife department can better manage wildlife.

“Photos will be uploaded to a crowd-sourcing website; viewers will be asked to view them and try to identify the animals in them.”

“…should provide the best idea yet of the size of animal populations and their movements.”

“We’re hoping to provide data to solve some of these (population) controversies.”
“The pictures will be uploaded to the crowd-sourcing Zooniverse website, where people from around the world help researchers with their projects.”

“The site’s visitors can view the photos and identify what they think the animal is with the help of a detailed field guide.”

“The DNR plans to enter the data into models…”
“Wisconsin’s data won’t be perfect since people with no scientific training who may have never been to Wisconsin or the United States will be making species identification.”
This is the New Science Paradigm – changing the way we discuss wildlife management. There is basically zero science involved in any of this. What could possibly go right?