February 4, 2023

Government Will Investigate Government in Maine Warden Service Conundrum

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*Editor’s Note* – I have written previously on this subject. Follow these links for more information and commentary – HEREHEREHEREHERE

I told you so! Back on May 13, 2016, in response to a news report that the State of Maine would conduct an investigation into possible illegal or improper tactics by undercover Maine Wardens, and the subsequent accusation of stonewalling the press for information under the Freedom of Information Access Act law, I expressed myself thus: “There have been calls for an “investigation” into what’s going on as well as a look into the written policies, which evidently are a secret, that regulate the behavior of undercover Maine wardens. The problem with such an investigation is that it is likely to be the government investigating the government, and we all know what that outcome will be.” (emboldening added)

The Portland Press Herald is now reporting that limited representation from the Maine Judiciary Committee, along with limited members of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife and the Warden Service, will be part of a “hearing,” open to the public but with no outside questions or input. In short, a dog and pony show. “There is no public hearing scheduled. No members of the public, no alleged victims of entrapment, no members of the press who have been stiffed on their FOAA requests, no criminal defense attorneys, nor other interested parties will be allowed to speak or participate. This is simply not fair or adequate.”

Not since the Maine Government investigated itself (this link has several articles about the Baxter Land Swap as well as Gardner Lumber Company cutting of deer yard timber) on the extremely controversial “Baxter Land Swap” and an investigation of the Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife of itself, concerning actions that allowed for the cutting of deer yard forest of certain public lands, – land that was part of the Baxter Land Swap – is there such thumbing of noses at a legitimate judicial review and public transparency – one can only conclude the good ole boys are at work covering their own asses. And, is it my imagination or does it appear as though even the undertaking of a much needed investigation is highly political and falls mostly, if not completely, along party lines?

Like good, non-thinking, robotic slaves, we are to never question government, or its authority, and accept what we are told as being the truth…their truth.