December 8, 2022

The Bean Town Moose

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A moose was seen sticking closely to the sidewalks of some suburban streets in the Boston area. One report said that police were ordered to not allow anyone to endanger the moose: “The officers were told to be on the lookout for the moose and make sure there was no traffic or anything that could endanger the moose.” I wonder if the officers were given orders to “shoot to kill?” – that is any person thought to be endangering the goddam moose. To hell with whether or not the moose might be endangering any man, woman or child! PROTECT THE MOOSE!

What good is this moose if it doesn’t know it shouldn’t be this far south? There’s global warming going on, you know!


I think the police should have been instructed to capture the moose and force it to take classes propaganda/indoctrination from Al Gore (YAWN!) on climate change and the environment. Wouldn’t that be “inconvenient?” All Americans have been so badly brainwashed that moose can’t survive in the U.S. anymore because of global warming. In Maine, Michigan, Minnesota and other northern states, we are told that global warming is killing the moose and that in these regions moose are at the southern fringe of their habitat. So why then are we seeing more and more moose further south? Maybe Al Gore forgot to tell us the inconvenient lie that the earth has changed polarities. Now that makes a lot of sense.

Also please take notice that any pictures or videos of the Boston Moose show the animal looking healthy and not at all affected by the dreaded winter ticks, said to be killing moose (because of global warming of course) in Maine and New Hampshire and other places.

I have said for quite some time that I thought there was a direct correlation between the high density of moose and the prevalence of winter ticks. Being that there are very few moose in Boston, and the state of Massachusetts, as a whole, and the climate is warmer in Boston than in Maine, perhaps the theory of global warming being the cause of increased winter ticks is plain old B.S.

Oh, yeah! And did I forget to say: