November 28, 2023

A Pseudo Nation State has No Honor And Only Earns A Legacy Of Disgrace

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Liberty is not an invention of revolution – Liberty originates with the Gospel of Yeshua beginning in the book of Mathew.. Love the Creator of life above all else and love your brother as yourself.. All who refuse this LAW of liberty are to be walked away from.. ignored.. They are not using enlightened reason to further liberty from its original source they are fighting to destroy it because this original concept from Yeshua makes them powerless.

Nothing of the imaginations of men has ever come close to replacing the original concept of liberty. Of freedom of conscience, freewill, to obey the LAW of the Gospel, in the sense of obedience to the Ten Commandments of the Creator which means the same thing as Love Him above all else and love your brother, fellow man as yourself.. This concept that originates from the Biblical Law if practiced by all men nullifies the man made concept of the Nation/State set up via numerous man made political charters, constitutions, alleged declarations of independence and documents altering the origination of liberty for all by men changing them to privileges offered by Nation/States as civil rights granted to the subjects ruled by men who established these Nation/States.. I believe this concept of freewill originates with Yeshua..

Now some believe it originated in a cave by long haired cavemen.. The thing is not one Nation/State in world history honestly followed the concept nor improved upon it..  It is by far the best ideology of liberty ever written down and never used.. Except by those who quietly follow it and live it as man was intended to do since the thought originated.. The inventions of man made revolution are for the purpose of controlling men so man has no liberty under the control of unscrupulous politicians.. More than likely under the control of more powerful men behind the scenes.. So men make their own covenants, charters, constitutions, compacts, contracts..  While a small few of us choose to keep this covenant, the DESIGNER of life made us a a final New Testament covenant; A contract with the King not of this worldly despotic satanic-adversary of this perversion of the Biblical world system in play by false teachers. In other words this global demonically influenced kingdom is the exact opposite of New Testament Scripture. Thus is not even original thinking as to reverse an original concept of another is proof of no actual originality. Thats your Devil for ya.. A fraud. And his nation states are frauds.

Since the global collective pseudo enlightenment is bent on its own ultimate self destruction, all I can say is good by..

But the loving kindness of the Lord endureth forever and ever upon them that fear him, and his righteousness upon children’s children, Unto them that keep his covenant, and think upon his commandments to do them.
Psalm 103:17-18 GNV

The false doctrine of the divine right of kings has replaced the concept of a Biblical “social contract” by which Biblically astute people are themselves the ultimate sources of Biblical LAW and authority—delegated to a Biblical governments responsibility to create an ordered Biblical righteous society. Only by the people being constantly fully aware of Biblical LAW thus ever watchful for infiltration of Biblical adversaries taking over authority and using that authority to destroy us. False teachers created a national ecclesiastical establishment based  solely upon Romanism..And they have corrupted the minds of the people.



The Traditions of Men Are Laws For Fictions –
The ownership of law is the ownership of the ‘traditions of men’, and as traditions, law are personally owned private fictions –listed in the WIPO Intellectual property data base as owned by the Vatican. Including the so-called common law.

Every nation/state on this Earth is corrupt.