December 4, 2022

In All Politics Marxism Which Is Jesuitism Has Always Been In The Details..

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Karl Marx was trained by the Jesuit Order, who ghost wrote the Communist Manifesto..The Vatican has always pushed collectivism..

This system since 1913 is NOT Free market capitalism. It has been FINANCE CAPITALISM. And what Finance Capitalism is__is a PLANNED ECONOMY__planned by finance capitalists. And THAT is the problem—the SAME problem a MARXIST economy has. “A government powerful enough to provide your every need–is powerful enough to take it away from everybody” THE PROBLEM LADIES AND GENTLEMEN IS CORPORATE GOVERNMENT OWNED AND OPERATED BY FINANCIAL CAPITALISTS controlling all markets, all resources..Going from National to International. Global. Now foreigners can vote to destroy YOU..And your puppets must comply. And so they are..